Diecastland 164

Alfredo - Diecastland 164

1:64 Scale Diecast Collector Since 2015

Customizing 1:64 Scale Diecast Since 2017

Favorite Casting: BTTF (Back to the Future) Time Machine

IG: @diecastland164

I met him at a local show and saw a bunch of obvious custom builds on his table. Took a closer look and saw that most if not all the headlights / taillights were hand painted?! I mean they looked factory or even decals if anything. Kept browsing and knew this guy had a gift with a paint brush for sure! A painted face / mural on a 1:64 scale car?? Come on! Long story short, we started hanging out and because we were into a lot of the same type of cars it was easy to start doing customs together.

So, besides the really cool hand painting details, he also does a very wide variety of custom builds and unique finished paint jobs. His paint jobs range from shiny to matte finishes, multi-tone fades and marbling to name some. He also does the occasional cutting roofs, shaving bumpers and engine transplants. On top of that he's got the slam / stance fitments down too! Gotta checkout this guys detailing work and custom builds of all types.

Happy Customizing!!