God Worx

 Tony - God Worx

1:64 Scale Diecast Collector Since 2018 (But Only Keeps His 1st Custom)

Customizing 1:64 Scale Diecast Since 2018

Favorite Casting: Honda EF Hatch

IG: @god_worx

This guys imagination and creativity just boggled me right off the bat!! Mechanically inclined, he has made these 1:64 scale cars light up, hop up and down and even turned some of these into RC (yes remote control!?!) cars.. Lets start with retrofitting actual working headlights and taillights that are multifunctional. Hop, I mean low rider hopping up and down. Scratch made off road suspension that actually flexes, yup done that too. This guy even busted out with an actual working radio controlled via bluetooth through his phone on a mini truck.. Whaaaat?! Yes its true. Need I say more.. Be ready to see some out of the ordinary and fun builds from another one cool customizer to join the fam. I call him the Mcgyver of 1:64 diecast. 

Happy Customizing!!