164L Customizer Tool Kit

164L Customizer Tool Kit

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This die cast customizer tool kit was made specifically (but not limited to) for those that want to disassemble and modify 1/64 scale hot wheel or matchbox cars and others alike..

* All the drill bits, tap, screws and driver in this kit are not the items you’ll find at the typical local hardware store (specific sizes and hardness) and other vendors selling kits out there claiming they’re using high quality stuff are not so beware! We chose specific items that cost us more because they are made to last.. (of course with proper use and care as with anything else)

Our kit includes:

1 - Rivet Head Bit - High Speed Cobalt Drill Bit

- Used to shave off rivet head. High quality, durable and sharp. Made in the USA

2. Rivet Body Bit - High Speed Cobalt Drill Bit

- Used to pilot make hole in rivet / chassis. High quality, durable and sharp. Made in the USA

3.  High Carbon Steel Tap

- Used to make screw threads. High quality and durable. Made in Japan

* Highly recommend to place a drop of oil (all purpose) into pilot hole before threading to prevent the tap from seizing and causing damage

4. 0-1/4" T-Handle Tap Wrench Hand Tool

- Used to attach screw tap bit. Made up of high quality steel / alloy, movable handle and adjustable to fit different size attachments as needed. Made in Japan (unmarked) 

5. 0.050" Ball Head Allen Hex Driver

- Used to screw / unscrew 2-56" screws. Tip makes it possible to screw in different angles as needed. Made in the USA

6. 2-56 x 1/8" Button Head Black Allen Hex Screws

- Used to screw in base or unscrew. Black oxide high strength steel alloy. Includes 20 screws (for up to 10 cars with 2 rivets each). Some vehicles only need 1 screw and sometimes longer screws as well (2-56" x 3/16" sold separately)

7. Glass Storage Jar

- Used to store screws. Convenient and secure