Muscle Hot Wheels

Chris - Muscle Hot Wheels

1:64 Scale Diecast Collector Since 2019

Customizing 1:64 Scale Diecast Since 2018 (yes, customizer before collector)

Favorite Casting: Ford Foxbody 5.0

IG: @musclehotwheels

Early last year, I stumbled on this guys page.. Scrolling through the feed I got stuck staring at this mean looking Stang with all the fast goods. Then all of a sudden he hits me up about some parts and I requested for a custom collab build shortly after.. The rest is history.. Since then, I feel I made a great friend all through the passion of this addicting hobby and most especially drag race themed cars! So, its been a long time coming to have this bad ass custom builder in the crew. 

He does mainly muscle cars and replicas alike but also some donk style rides and Jdm here and there.. Hand molded hoods, scratch made body and interior mods are seen often with his customs. Clean deep glossy finish paintjobs all day, big power engines and you'll rarely see a skimpy exhaust on any ride this guy does. If you like to see cars that look fast just sitting there then check out this mans work.

Happy Customizing!!