About Us

The founder of 164 Lifestyle has been an avid hobbyist and collector for the last couple decades of many various things from keychains, mid school bmx bicycles, R/C remote control cars, vintage coins, lego figures, sports cards memorabilia, salt water fish / coral and 3d pop art paintings to name a few.. After years of hoarding, he ended up focusing on these awesome 1/64 or 1:64 scale die cast cars, recognizably and internationally known as Hot Wheels!

Most people may think of Hot Wheels as little toy cars for kids. However, these little treats seem to entice the older crowd more than we could ever imagine. The die-cast / hot wheel collectibles are now being customized by collectors globally and has been growing significantly through the years. With this progression came the idea of starting this website for enthusiasts to have a place to showcase their creations and find a vast selection of parts to modify their cars.  

Our goal and purpose of this website is to have a place where you can find unique, fresh and exclusive customized cars and parts. We want to cater to those simple collectors to the hardcore diehards customizers. So whether your just starting out ready to change those plastic tires, looking for a special birthday gift or picking up a one of a kind neck twisting custom build, then we may just have what your looking for! 

Happy Hot Wheel Customizing and Hunting!!