Ricer Kustoms

Eric - Ricer Kustoms

1:64 Scale Diecast Collector Since 2015

Customizing 1:64 Scale Diecast Since 2016

Favorite Casting: '66 Super Nova

IG: @ricer_kustoms_

He got me with one of his custom '66 nova builds he was raffling off.. I scrolled through his IG feed and yep, he's into vintage gassers, drag cars, classic trucks and jdm.. Getting to know him more I found that we both were heavy into high horsepower (if I may say respectfully) Hondas so that was a nostalgic surprise. Cause all this was up my alley, I knew we had to do something together.

I feel we built a great rapport quickly and when I got to see his work in person, I must easily say he definitely produces some of the cleanest overall looking custom builds I've seen!  Execution 100. Paint jobs glimmer (probably in the shade too), multi-tone pearl paint with a whole lotta color mixes seamlessly spraying through that airbrush.. I'm excited to see what's in store for the future. 

Happy Customizing!!