Honda Civic - Energizer - JDM - Waterslide Decals

Honda Civic - Energizer - JDM - Waterslide Decals

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Designed to represent the battery that "keeps going and going and.. Yes, the well known battery company "Energizer". This decal kit was made specifically to fit the Honda Civic.

This kit is made specifically for the Honda Civic and comes with a complete matching theme of decals. This set includes "Honda" badges , headlights , taillights and others as well.

* Decals may come on a white or blue paper and some may look faint in color. However, after they all are the same actual decals. Once they get submerged in water and you slide them off, their true colors will all appear much bolder than it looks on paper.

*Note: It is recommended to lightly clear coat and let it dry over night before use. Cut decals carefully with a sharp hobby knife / precise scissor. After cutting place decal into water and let it sit for about 15 seconds. Next carefully place the decal to desired area (option to use a decal softener / setter solution) by using a fine edged tweezer may help. Lastly, once decal is in place you may spray or gently brush a clear coat over it a layer of protection.

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